Flow Based – RFID Card + Coin Water Controller (ATW Combo)


  • SMPS Operated, Flow Based GSM Water Controller (ATM).
  • With Battery Backup & Solar Charging Provision.
  • Operate With Two, three & four Taps at a Time.
  • Adjustable Water Dispensing Volume & Price.
  • Four Types of Dispensing Modes.
                1. Normal Mode.
                2. Normal & Cold Mode.
                3. Fixed Mode.
                4. Free Mode.
  • Each and every Device performance can beremotely monitored in a centralized office throughAndroid application & through Web portal / Cloud.
  • Water Dispance With PAYTM.
  • Additional features :-
  • Multi-Functional Water Controller with Card & Coin.
  • Six Types of Multi Coins Are Programmable.
ATW CONFIGURATION Flow Based – RFID + Coin Water Controller (ATW Combo)
Size Skid dimension (L=160mm, W=50, H=225mm)
WATER PUMP 1/2HP ( if use with gravity no need of Pump)
OUTPUT CONNECTION Water pump, AC/DC Solenoid Valve, Flow sensor.
Flow Based – RFID Card + Coin Water Controller (ATW Combo)